Friday, September 18, 2009


"Da Boy left me!! He went to town to get "groceries"(I don't know why he doesn't eat delicious grain,o-well more for me),and put us in the day pen because the evil neighbors dog want to eat us(why would some one want to eat cute little ole ME!!! ( I take back the part about "little"). Speaking of the neighbors dog....

Charges-Assault and Battery,Accessory to Murder,Trespassing on Private Property,Aggravated Assault,Racism against Goats,Resisting Arrest . He name is "KADO" and has atacked and killed animal of DA FARM. Has two unidentified accomplices. He is possibly the ring leader. Considered armed and dangerous. If seen,please call the G.H.S.P.,Goat Herd Secrete Police.

Also Wanted for excessive Goatness...



  1. Ah HAH! Kado looks to be a Jack Russell Terrier, or a Rat Terrier... I can sympathise with that! My lady's little dog friend is a Jack Russell and he would love to EAT goats. Well! She doesn't let him anywhere near us. I hope Kado's owner keeps him away from you! Goat kisses from Isobelle!

  2. Yes,he is a Jack Russell Terrior,a evil one at that,no they let him lose,they don't care if he eats us!!

  3. You are a very cute goat and don't deserve to be so hunted by such a mean attack dog.