Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wensday

You looking at me?!(If your looking at my Super Goaty Awesomeness,it's o.k.,everyone does).

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Da Law"

This is the laws of goatyness that the "Da Boy" has put down for us. Referred to as "Da Law".

Da Golden Law-No biting "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 1-No butting "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 2-No fighting over feed.

Law 3-No jumping on the house or crate.

Law 4-No leaving the goat pen except for when escorted by "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 5-No talking to strange animals,ESPECIALLY dogs.

Law 6-No calling the sheep "Giant Mutants".

Law 7-No telling the cows that "my horns are bigger".

Law 8- ALWAYS obey "Da Boy" and Grandnana.

And my two least favorite laws

Law 9-No eating things you can't identify.

Law 10-No butting chickens except for when they are in the goat pen.

Oh,and Sissy said to put her friend Ana-Bell on my blog. So..... here she is(maybe she will stop nagging me). TADA!!! Ana-Bell,and no pic of me today,I can't just bear to be in the camera till my wound heals (a.k.a. tomorrow).

Goaty as charged!!!!

I did it!!!!!!! I got on the house("Da Boy" said not to goaty gloat about breaking Da Law)!!! (Warning "Da Boy" note:The goat house is TWO AN A HALF TIMES as big as Butter Bean,how did he manage to get up there?) It took me all morning,but I did it!! Doodah was impressed that a "Little Goat" could get up there. Her she is asking me how.I told her and,SHE,A PREGNANT GOAT got on the house.
Well...Crime doesn't pay(at least not enough)and I fell of the house and cut myself on the tin. So "Da Boy got some "Magical Blue Stuff"(really,this stuff can heal almost any wound)and put it on my leg. I feel much better now,but it will take a little while to heal. And were was my Sissy when all this happend? Crying,Praying,NO!!! She was playing in her chair!!! And of course Doodah tried to eat the camera string while "Da Boy" was taking picture and it took this picture.
Then she tried to eat the feed shack. I don't care how hungry you get when you are pregnant,you SHOULD NOT EAT WOOD OR CAMERAS !!!! The Grandnana went and put some duct tape on the edges so we wouldn't cut are selves again. Even though we have lived in this pen since we were kids,we have just had the urge to start jumping on the house. I have the urge to go eat some hay so I must go,but tomorrow I will tell you the rules of "Da Law".

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The extended family and their michief

Yesterday I showed you the "extended family",now I will show you the mischievous side of "Da Family". Before they came to the yard they are in now they were in the chicken yard,and slept in MY pen And MY house.Here they are in the chicken house EATING CHICKEN FEED,a.k.a. breaking the law!!!!!!! And another time they were in the rain trying to get in MY house(I kept them out too)!!!! See it says 101 PYGMY GOAT LANE!!! Not 101 sheep lane!!! See my sissy says so.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The extended family

I am going to tell you about the extended family,no not Uncle Roy(we don't talk about him anymore), this is the extended family(goats and sheep are very close). This is Weed Wacker,she and Sea Salt came first(Sea Salt is closest white one). Then came Charger-
Then Sea Salt had a lamb-Angry Eye
Then "Da Boy" got Chuck Norris,"Da Boy" says that he is a actor that can punch you in your soul. Chucky has a messed up horn(poor guy).
Tomorrow I will tell about the mischief the "extended family" gets into.
Now a picture of ME!!! On my tire,looking at a chicken.(chickens are fun to butt)!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jail,Tires,Toys,and Trying "Da Boy's" patience .

I am happy,VERY happy,IT STOPPED RAINING!!!!!!! Sissy and Doodah are happy too. Well after the rain "Da Boy" got a shovel and came in our yard(Sissy tried to eat the shovel handle),and started to dig,a lot. When he got done he wheeled a tire around and put it in the hole, A NEW TOY!!!!!! I love it,I scratch on it,and stand on it.......
And then THIS happened.
Sissy is ON the house!! ON THE HOUSE!! "Da Boy" just put the tire toy in and she does THIS. "Da Boy" told her before not to do this,but she STILL did it!!. The problem is that the tin on the roof is sharp,and Sissy will cut her self. Doodah is in jail!! For a day... She is jail becouse she was mean to my Sissy. Doodah is even breaking the law in jail!!! She is on her house too!!!
Now a Picture of unlaw breaking,completely innocent, (except if you count handsomeness as a crime)full of Goaty Awsomeness ME!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Goat yawns,it's boring today

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy milk comes from happy cows,happy cows(and goats) come form Laughing Duck Farm

Well yesterday was a treat day,not any treat,APPLES!! We don't get apples very often,the grandnana only buys expensive organic apples,and will not give those to us,so we get leaves instead. But today "Da Boy" made a exception,here is my sissy tasting a piece of apple,she says a "Dainty Lady taste it first,then eats the treat,not swallow it whole like "some boy she knows"......... Anyway here she is tasting it.
And here she is "Daintily eating it"

Anyway here's were the "happy cows" thing came from,see,smiley!! ;)
Now on to today,"Da boy" didn't take pictures becouse it rained,and rained,and rained some more. It rained all day,I HATE RAIN!!!!! I screamed all day for "Da Boy" to make it stop,he said he couldn't ,so I tryed to make it stop myself by trying to butt it,but I just Got more wet.... I hate rain.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


LEAVES!!!! LEAVES!!! O.K. Calm down Bean,it's just LEAVES!!! O.K. get it under control... "Da Boy" picked some leaves for us goats,(Might be why we adore him),he knows we LOVE oak leaves. He picks a few clumps and spreads them across the pen. I ate it like the Gentlebuck I am.
My sissy ate like a "Dainty Lady" as she calls it.

Doodah ate like the pregnant nanny she is..... Painful isn't it??
You can see how happy she is,she is smiling!! I had to keep up my Buckly appearances,so I smiled on the inside.
It was SSSOOO good that sissy had to eat the stick,just to make sure that all leaf essence was gone.

And ME!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I feel pretty

Our halters the "Da Boy" ordered us got here today.He found them from Uniquely Equine
,they have 16 colors and monogrammed,he let us pick our halter colors,(I didn't get mine monogrammed with my name because I know my name)I got blue
Time for my close up!!
Sissy got neon pink,I said that is not a "Dainty Lady" color and she butted be.......
Doodah got purple,she says it is "the color of royalties",I know what that means,it means....ah....ah it means it is pretty.

On the way back to the house "Da Boy" saw a snake IN the dog(man's best friend HRMMPH)water. You can hear my sissy saying that she is pretty.


"Da Boy left me!! He went to town to get "groceries"(I don't know why he doesn't eat delicious grain,o-well more for me),and put us in the day pen because the evil neighbors dog want to eat us(why would some one want to eat cute little ole ME!!! ( I take back the part about "little"). Speaking of the neighbors dog....

Charges-Assault and Battery,Accessory to Murder,Trespassing on Private Property,Aggravated Assault,Racism against Goats,Resisting Arrest . He name is "KADO" and has atacked and killed animal of DA FARM. Has two unidentified accomplices. He is possibly the ring leader. Considered armed and dangerous. If seen,please call the G.H.S.P.,Goat Herd Secrete Police.

Also Wanted for excessive Goatness...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordless Wensday

Introducing........Bazooka Goat Cud flavored gum!!!!!!!!

Chickens,Ducks,Cows,and Donkeys

Chickens.....I don't mind chickens,as long as they stay on THEIR side of the fence. I hate when Da Boy puts us in the day pen and leaves the gate open,because they lay eggs IN MY HOUSE!!! I know,I know, I MIGHT be over reacting,but really,would you like it if one layed a egg in your bed???? And besides that,the smell.

Ducks,I kind'a like ducks,they walk funny,make weird sounds,but what I don;t like is when they splash duck pond water on me,I HATE water.But at least they don't lay eggs in my house.....

Cows..I like the baby cows,but not the BIG one,she try's to horn my sissy through the fence. Ana-Bell,the big calf try's to play with my sister,which is hard to do through the fence.

Donkeys-the donkeys haven'y been here very long so I don't know if I like them,their names are Bonnie and Clyde,the white one is Clyde,yes he is white too,but he doesn't have GOATIE AWESOMENESS..

And to end it, a pic of Goatie AWESOMENESS!!!