Monday, September 14, 2009

A message from Da Boy........

I live at Laughing Duck Farm,I raise Goats,cows,sheep,chickens,ducks,turkeys,guineas,donkeys,horses,rabbits,and did I mention GOATS?Also whatever critters I forgot to mention,but the goats are my favorite(don't tell the horse,she gets bitey when you tell her that). We raised our goats in side,we are not crazy,they were bottle babies and it was to cold to have them out side,and yes,you can house break a goat! His Grandnana was talking about blogging,after explaing it to him,he had a goaty fit to have one, and soon discovered he could not type with hooves,so here I am.

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  1. Welcome to blog world Butter Bean!I sure everyone out there will love you as much as we do!