Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy milk comes from happy cows,happy cows(and goats) come form Laughing Duck Farm

Well yesterday was a treat day,not any treat,APPLES!! We don't get apples very often,the grandnana only buys expensive organic apples,and will not give those to us,so we get leaves instead. But today "Da Boy" made a exception,here is my sissy tasting a piece of apple,she says a "Dainty Lady taste it first,then eats the treat,not swallow it whole like "some boy she knows"......... Anyway here she is tasting it.
And here she is "Daintily eating it"

Anyway here's were the "happy cows" thing came from,see,smiley!! ;)
Now on to today,"Da boy" didn't take pictures becouse it rained,and rained,and rained some more. It rained all day,I HATE RAIN!!!!! I screamed all day for "Da Boy" to make it stop,he said he couldn't ,so I tryed to make it stop myself by trying to butt it,but I just Got more wet.... I hate rain.

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  1. We are very lucky goats on our Farm. We get apples every day. There are lots of apple trees in Montana and the publicist begs for windfall apples. She saves the best of them and puts them in the basement and they last and last.

    We are lucky goats.

    We hate rain too. And snow.