Sunday, September 20, 2009


LEAVES!!!! LEAVES!!! O.K. Calm down Bean,it's just LEAVES!!! O.K. get it under control... "Da Boy" picked some leaves for us goats,(Might be why we adore him),he knows we LOVE oak leaves. He picks a few clumps and spreads them across the pen. I ate it like the Gentlebuck I am.
My sissy ate like a "Dainty Lady" as she calls it.

Doodah ate like the pregnant nanny she is..... Painful isn't it??
You can see how happy she is,she is smiling!! I had to keep up my Buckly appearances,so I smiled on the inside.
It was SSSOOO good that sissy had to eat the stick,just to make sure that all leaf essence was gone.

And ME!!!!!


  1. Mmmm, we don't have oak leaves here but we get spruce limbs to munch on.

  2. showed Anmarie your site, we laughed about
    the antics of Butterbeans and the rest.