Friday, October 30, 2009

MORE goat floating,thats right,more.

Well,it rained,not just rained mind you,flooded. We got 5 inches of pure,unwelcomed,RAIN!!!!!!!! This is Texas,5 inches is a LOT,considering we only got 3 inches all summer. I like it dry,I like the grass crispy. I do NOT like floating past the goat house.AS you know(can't speak for those weird goats)most goats hate rain.Even the chickens are trying to stay dry. Here is Sissy trying to stay dry and eat hay a the same time. But...... The rain knocked down some leaves,Sissy was happy.Mr.T is just waking up from a nap. Here I am giving "Da Boy" The Goat Eye. There is so much water,it is just depressing. I think I will float on over to the trough and eat some hay.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wensday

My Turkey friend: Two-Toes(I will explain his name tomorrow).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A goatie evening.

First I would like to apologize for there not being any posts,the camera battery died and "Da Boy" only goes to town once a week. Well after getting the battery,I let the boy know how I felt. O.K. now on to the post,this is a goatie evening. So, "Da Boy" went to church,and put the "New Goats"(I need to think of a better name) in the day pen. Well they are lucky. Any goat in the day pen gets to eat hay,the people put the hay bails RIGHT against the side of the pen. On top of that they got leaves!!Well while he was putting the "Trio"(no that doesn't sound right), Guinness decided to taste "Da Boy"!! Can you imagine such a thing!! Here is Sweet Pea(is it just me,or does she look like a rabbit). Mr. T says hi!
He has monkey nose, Grandnana says goat noses look like monkey noses,do I have a monkey nose? I think it is kinda' handsome.

Then after we goats got feed,the big animals get feed. Here are Donkeys.
Clyde is a camera hog.
And to end it,here is what Guinness thinks about it all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog and Goat floating.

The Dachshund. She was the boys second dog. I don't like dogs. The only dog I like is Rascal,a 9 year old shitzue. Anyway, she hates goats,she would like to "taste" us goats. I think she is 5% dog,95% evil. She eats lizards and brings them inside( I didn't do that when I was inside). But "Da Boy" loves her so he keeps her around. Well it rained today,a lot. In fact it was a regular goat floater. We got two and a halve inches of rain. I DON"T LIKE RAIN!!!!!!!!! To make matters worse Guinness is sick. She has pa tunas,or maybe pneumonia. She went to the vet and got a shot(I hate shots).The Doc gave her some meds too. She is feeling better,but is in the day pen because she doesn't need to be in the damp. Mr. T and Sweet Pea wanted to go and keep her company so they went and visited her. The rain doesn't bother the donkeys though(they are not that bright). To end it here is a pic of and Sissy(NOT me) after the rain.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wensday


ME!!!!(quite handsome)

Tomorrow; Who is the Dachshund?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sissy's got the need,the need for DANCING

It was cold last night 55*,now before you say anything,I am a African goat,in Texas the summers are 112*. I like it hot. So does Sissy,but Sissy does not get a thick coat in winter(it is because she is a mix breed), so she gets cold VERY easily. So,as it has been cooling of in the daytime too,she has gotten frisky,and decided to take up dancing.
She does this randomly across the pen, at other goats,and when she is by herself. So while "Da Boy" was taking pics of Sissy dancing,I saw him drinking out of a bottle in his hand,so I wanted what he was drinking too(why should he get all of the tasty stuff). Goats can't open bottles that well......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Goat is Right: Part 2

Well folks,thanks for tuning back in. Now the answer is drum roll ................ It is Goat B Sissy(who else makes all the goat yard mischief).What is it you say, you think I made the chicken do it? Well to that all I have to say is............ Sweet pea sure is looking round these days, She will have her kids on December 8th,so "Da Boy" thinks,it is hard to to be for sure. Grandnana got me a new chair!!! Sissy fell through the last one and broke it. She has took the liberty of using it for herself.

Welcome to The Goat is Right

That's right. Welcome to the Goat is Right,the brand new internet game show sensation. I will ask you a question and show you a picture,then I will show you the possible answers,and you will tell me what you think. O.K. here we go today's question is: Who knocked over the slide? Was it goat A: Doodah? Or was it goat B: Sissy. Or was it goat C: the perfectly innocent me? Or last but not least:this chicken? Tune in tomorrow folks to see who it was.And remember only on The Goat is right.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


It rained all day yesterday,and some today. As you know, I HATE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't help it I am a African goat,I like the heat and dryness,NOT RAIN. I(I can't speak for all goats) hate getting my feet wet,actually all the goats in the pen do. Nibbles was in Doodah's crate. Gunniess is STILL in the trough(she REALLY likes it). Sweet Pea is in the hay pile(can't really see it here). Were am I you ask? I am on "Da Boy"s leg(He volunteered). Sissy is a little confused about what is food,but it was just a "Nibble Kiss",which not a bite so she did not hurt "Da Boy". Even Mr.T,a.k.a ,Mr. Tumnas is in his hay box(he doesn't QUITE fit). And here are some chickens in my pen. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chickens in My pen!!! In MY house!!! BBBBBBBAAAAA!! I am going to have to hire some duck security guards. Speaking of ducks,here is the ring leader. "Big Momma",always alert,even sleeping with one eye open(can You do that). And a pic of Super Goatie Awesomeness!!!