Friday, October 30, 2009

MORE goat floating,thats right,more.

Well,it rained,not just rained mind you,flooded. We got 5 inches of pure,unwelcomed,RAIN!!!!!!!! This is Texas,5 inches is a LOT,considering we only got 3 inches all summer. I like it dry,I like the grass crispy. I do NOT like floating past the goat house.AS you know(can't speak for those weird goats)most goats hate rain.Even the chickens are trying to stay dry. Here is Sissy trying to stay dry and eat hay a the same time. But...... The rain knocked down some leaves,Sissy was happy.Mr.T is just waking up from a nap. Here I am giving "Da Boy" The Goat Eye. There is so much water,it is just depressing. I think I will float on over to the trough and eat some hay.


  1. Well, what about the turkey's name?

    It is hard to stay dry and eat hay at the same time...I agree with that.

  2. Oh Butter are so cute! We have mud here. Blech.

  3. Float, float, float your goat gently down the stream.....merrily ,merrily, is but a goatie dream!