Friday, October 9, 2009

Going back to kids.

I am going to take you back,back to when me and Sissy were kids,back to when we lived in the house and slept in box next to "Da Boy"s bed. If time travel was possible I would take you back to that time.But I don't have a time machine,but I DO have "Da Boy" and his camera. When I was little I was brought by Grandnana as a Christmas present. I was four weeks old and had to be bottle fed. I lived happily until January,which is "Da Boy"S birthday. Can you guess what he wanted for his birthday,can you? He wanted Sissy. I did not like Sissy at first,she stole my hay and my bottle. But then after a week I started to warm up to her and she started to like me back,so we got along. I had my box, ,and my towel,to lay in and she had hers,and we didn't potty inside(I am a clean goat). Grandnana thought I needed a leash to walk on, (and yes it is pink,it was the rabbit's). We lived inside for about three months,until somebody(not me) decided that the lamp needed a good climbing,and put a big dent in the end table. Then we went outside and shared a pen with the sheep for a while, then they got their own pen(thank goodness). And now we are older,but we still love "Da Boy"!!!!!!


  1. You two look so cute in your hay box!

  2. Why thank you Pricilla,I will pass that on to Sissy.

  3. the good ole days of running free until the "incident"
    the good side of the incident, all the playmates