Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog and Goat floating.

The Dachshund. She was the boys second dog. I don't like dogs. The only dog I like is Rascal,a 9 year old shitzue. Anyway, she hates goats,she would like to "taste" us goats. I think she is 5% dog,95% evil. She eats lizards and brings them inside( I didn't do that when I was inside). But "Da Boy" loves her so he keeps her around. Well it rained today,a lot. In fact it was a regular goat floater. We got two and a halve inches of rain. I DON"T LIKE RAIN!!!!!!!!! To make matters worse Guinness is sick. She has pa tunas,or maybe pneumonia. She went to the vet and got a shot(I hate shots).The Doc gave her some meds too. She is feeling better,but is in the day pen because she doesn't need to be in the damp. Mr. T and Sweet Pea wanted to go and keep her company so they went and visited her. The rain doesn't bother the donkeys though(they are not that bright). To end it here is a pic of and Sissy(NOT me) after the rain.


  1. I am so sorry Guinness is sick. I hope she gets better very soon.

  2. The vet said she would get better soon,I pass that on to her.