Saturday, October 3, 2009

NEW GOATS!!!!!!!

BBBBAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW GOATS!!!!!! BBBBBAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! "Da Boy" has been sick the last two days,that is why he has not dictated on my blog. I said that I could could do it with out him,but he said he did not want to get new letter keys on the computer(I can't help it,they taste SO good). So "Da Boy" was feeling better yesterday and was surfing "the internet"and found some goats for sale. Two does and a buck(I don't know why the "Da Boy" got a new buck,I am a buck),("Da Boy" note,he is a weather remember,so yah don't tell him...........) All three of them are pure bred and tiny,Sweet Pea is 13" at the back and Guinness is 14". Buckly is 16" Well here they are.
This is Guinness,kinda looks like Sissy doesn't she.

This is Buckly.
This is a pic of me!!
Fooled ya,that is Sweet Pea,remarkable similarity though,she even has waddles. This is a pic of me!! Uuummm eating the camera..........................
Tomorrow I will lay down "Da Law".


  1. I am glad Da Boy is feeling better. It is not good to be sick.

    The more goats the better....

  2. I'm glad "Da Boy" is better too. I am quite content with Sissy and Doodah,but"Da Boy" says he want a few milk goats.

  3. Oh no Bean! Your Boy is just as bad as my lady is in bringing home new animal and bird friends! I do like that Buckly goat! He's very handsome...woo wooo!

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  5. HEY!!!!! Well............I GUESS he is kinda mabye handsome........