Sunday, October 25, 2009

A goatie evening.

First I would like to apologize for there not being any posts,the camera battery died and "Da Boy" only goes to town once a week. Well after getting the battery,I let the boy know how I felt. O.K. now on to the post,this is a goatie evening. So, "Da Boy" went to church,and put the "New Goats"(I need to think of a better name) in the day pen. Well they are lucky. Any goat in the day pen gets to eat hay,the people put the hay bails RIGHT against the side of the pen. On top of that they got leaves!!Well while he was putting the "Trio"(no that doesn't sound right), Guinness decided to taste "Da Boy"!! Can you imagine such a thing!! Here is Sweet Pea(is it just me,or does she look like a rabbit). Mr. T says hi!
He has monkey nose, Grandnana says goat noses look like monkey noses,do I have a monkey nose? I think it is kinda' handsome.

Then after we goats got feed,the big animals get feed. Here are Donkeys.
Clyde is a camera hog.
And to end it,here is what Guinness thinks about it all.


  1. Yes, Butter Bean, you do have a monkey nose!A cute,freckled little monkey nose!

  2. Mmmm, hay! I take a nibble of the publicist every now and again. Especially if she has been holding apples. mmmm, apples.

  3. I have to admit,"Da Boy" is KINDA tasty.

  4. I think you are very cute Bean...even your little bum! Mr. Tumnus has a nice snoot though... I like his beard. Goat kisses and tail wiggles from Isobelle!

  5. Goatie kisses right back at ya!!!