Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interveiw with Two-Toes Missin'

O.K,here is the interview with Two-Toes Missin'(I like this guy).

1.First off,what is you favorite color?
Um. I'm a Bourbon Red,sssoooo red.

2.What is your job here at "The Farm"?
Well. I'm the head Turkey of the flock. I watch over the flock.
3.What is your favorite thing to do on the farm?
Well I like to tease chickens about their size(did I mention I like this guy).

4.Now on to the most interesting question,how did you get your name?
When I was a little chick,a opossum got two of my toes,but "the boy person" fixed me up,so it does not hurt. I think a chicken is teasing my hens,I will go straiten him out. Bye,get over here you roster.

Well that was Tow-Toes folks. See you later.I think a pile of hay is trying to escape.

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry I missed these - your posts didn't come into my followers feed.

    You are lucky to still have some toes there, turkey! And very lucky to have Da Boy!