Monday, November 2, 2009

New Houses!!!

O.K. The GrandBilly,"Da Boy's" Billy,built us TWO new houses.The first is big,for the girls,the second is for Mr.T,it is about 2/3 the size. The big one has a hole in the back for Sweet Pea,the gets VERY upset(she is claustrophobic,can you believe it a claustrophobic goat). She will stop when she can smell the outside. We haven't climbed on them yet,just slept in them,Sissy will climb on soon enough.Here is a pic of them through the Sweet Peat hole. To end it a pic of me on my log.


  1. What beautiful homes Bean! Those should be FUN to jump on! Weeee hee heee!

  2. New houses are always nice. I like my goat house but sometimes I have trouble getting the other goats out of it!