Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well......rain. Not the 2 hour 3 inch it's over rain. But the long all day 1 inch rain. Couldn't we just get it over with. Well it has rained,and since I don't leave the goat house when it rains,I will tell you about yesterday. Well it was good. "Da Boy" replaced the lock on mine and Sissy's goat house,she was VERY upset about that,she stomped "Da Boy's" foot(she doesn't get that if she gets out at night,the coyotes would get her!).I told her that if she would just stop butting it till it burst open he would not have to replace it ,well as it turns out,the new lock was not goat proof ether. The u thing the carabinger thing goes on broke off(with Sissy's help). Then "Da Boy" cleaned out the all the goat houses. We were VERY EXCITED about that. See he shovels all the old hay in to the wheel barrel,and puts fresh soft tasty hay in it place. But Mr. T wasn't content with the new hay,he had to make sure there was no tasty hay left in the barrel. He tipped it over and caused "Da Boy" more trouble to scoop it back up(I would never do that). So in the end it was a good day.


  1. You never want to miss a tasty bit of hay that's for sure!