Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well It quit raining(thank goodness). "Da Boy" has decided to give us more hay to get.....uh(NOT FAT)for the winter. Here is Doodah sneak-grazing(maybe she just feel asleep).
See the whole point to sneak-grazing is to hide from the other goats so they wont steal you hay. Sweet Pea is taking it a little TOO seriously(is cameo necessary). See she is watching out of the corner of her eye even as she eats(Goat-Note,where did the saying "out of the corner of you eye"come from). It is cold(for Texas). It is 50* and the turkeys are happy. They run around fluffy,and gobble at the people as soon as they come out("Da Boy"has been trying to get a video of them gobbling but they refuse to do it on film).Time for a turkey close up. It is still wet from the rain. I refuse to get out out(even for a picture) and get my hoofs wet. So instead,a Big Goatie Good Bye!!!


  1. Mmmm, I love some hay too. But Abby always steals mine. It's not nice. Not at all!

  2. Sissy tries to steal mine,but I eat mine far away from the other goats,when she gets my hay,I go and get hers!!!

  3. Well, Da Bean needs someone to build him a ramp and some stepping stone stumps strategically placed so he can tippy -hoof all around and keep his precious tootsies mud free.Rain-gear too?