Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chain saw???

First off,we goats like the chain saw. In fact we get excited when we here the sound of it. "That's a weird thing for a goat to like" you say.Now before you get all judgeish ,think about it for a minute. The chain saw cuts,it cuts limbs off of trees,what are on trees? Leaves!!!!!!! See every time the people cut off a limb,they toss it in the goat pen. Here we are enjoying leaves. Here is Doodah eating leaves.To some it is food,to some it is a art,look at how she puts her,uh.............stomach into it. Mr.T is having some leaves too. I had to partake too!!!I mean it is just wrong to let those delicious leaves sit there and not fulfill there purpose in life. Sweat Pea ate her fill and decided to go over and get scratched by Grandnana. Before-after,in only 5 minutes. Tasty leaves!


  1. Mmmmmm, leaves. I like to eat leaves too.

  2. We like leaves tooo! Our lady uses loppers to bring us fresh branches! Yummy yum!

  3. Enjoy seeing your animals and what you are dong.