Monday, September 28, 2009

"Da Law"

This is the laws of goatyness that the "Da Boy" has put down for us. Referred to as "Da Law".

Da Golden Law-No biting "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 1-No butting "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 2-No fighting over feed.

Law 3-No jumping on the house or crate.

Law 4-No leaving the goat pen except for when escorted by "Da Boy" or Grandnana.

Law 5-No talking to strange animals,ESPECIALLY dogs.

Law 6-No calling the sheep "Giant Mutants".

Law 7-No telling the cows that "my horns are bigger".

Law 8- ALWAYS obey "Da Boy" and Grandnana.

And my two least favorite laws

Law 9-No eating things you can't identify.

Law 10-No butting chickens except for when they are in the goat pen.

Oh,and Sissy said to put her friend Ana-Bell on my blog. So..... here she is(maybe she will stop nagging me). TADA!!! Ana-Bell,and no pic of me today,I can't just bear to be in the camera till my wound heals (a.k.a. tomorrow).


  1. Well, without law there is anarchy. You don't want anarchy do you?

  2. it is nice to know that you have laws for them to follow. what is the penalty if they break the law?

  3. Yes Pricilla.There would certainly be anarchy.

  4. To nana. If "us goats" break the law. we go to jail..