Monday, September 28, 2009

Goaty as charged!!!!

I did it!!!!!!! I got on the house("Da Boy" said not to goaty gloat about breaking Da Law)!!! (Warning "Da Boy" note:The goat house is TWO AN A HALF TIMES as big as Butter Bean,how did he manage to get up there?) It took me all morning,but I did it!! Doodah was impressed that a "Little Goat" could get up there. Her she is asking me how.I told her and,SHE,A PREGNANT GOAT got on the house.
Well...Crime doesn't pay(at least not enough)and I fell of the house and cut myself on the tin. So "Da Boy got some "Magical Blue Stuff"(really,this stuff can heal almost any wound)and put it on my leg. I feel much better now,but it will take a little while to heal. And were was my Sissy when all this happend? Crying,Praying,NO!!! She was playing in her chair!!! And of course Doodah tried to eat the camera string while "Da Boy" was taking picture and it took this picture.
Then she tried to eat the feed shack. I don't care how hungry you get when you are pregnant,you SHOULD NOT EAT WOOD OR CAMERAS !!!! The Grandnana went and put some duct tape on the edges so we wouldn't cut are selves again. Even though we have lived in this pen since we were kids,we have just had the urge to start jumping on the house. I have the urge to go eat some hay so I must go,but tomorrow I will tell you the rules of "Da Law".


  1. Oh Butter Bean, I'm sorry you were hurt on your house! We just love to jump, don't we! I have a picnic table that I like to leap on and off of. I wonder if some outdoor carpet would be nice to have on your roof since you are now going to be on there all the time! hee hee

  2. Thank you.I feel much better now. That is a VERY good idea,I will have to pass that on to "Da Boy".

  3. Silly boy! I know we goats like to be up but you need to be careful! You don't want to hurt yourself.