Friday, September 25, 2009

Jail,Tires,Toys,and Trying "Da Boy's" patience .

I am happy,VERY happy,IT STOPPED RAINING!!!!!!! Sissy and Doodah are happy too. Well after the rain "Da Boy" got a shovel and came in our yard(Sissy tried to eat the shovel handle),and started to dig,a lot. When he got done he wheeled a tire around and put it in the hole, A NEW TOY!!!!!! I love it,I scratch on it,and stand on it.......
And then THIS happened.
Sissy is ON the house!! ON THE HOUSE!! "Da Boy" just put the tire toy in and she does THIS. "Da Boy" told her before not to do this,but she STILL did it!!. The problem is that the tin on the roof is sharp,and Sissy will cut her self. Doodah is in jail!! For a day... She is jail becouse she was mean to my Sissy. Doodah is even breaking the law in jail!!! She is on her house too!!!
Now a Picture of unlaw breaking,completely innocent, (except if you count handsomeness as a crime)full of Goaty Awsomeness ME!!


  1. Jillian and Mallory have been know to get on the top of the goat house too.

    Baaaaad goats.