Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty in pink(not me!!!)

First off,I am not the one in pink,real bucks don't do pink,and secondly, I am giving the spot light over to Sweet Pea because this post is all about her. To start this post, "Da Boy" and Grandnana think all of us goats should have collars. But not just any old goat on the farm,no....Only a "Goatie Goat" can have a collar(and by the way,a "Goatie Goat" s a goat that loves the people,and is a part of the herd,not just "a goat") Why you ask? I frankly have no idea,it must be a human thing. But on top of that,it can't be any old collar,it has to look good on the goat it belongs to. For example it took them 2 weeks to find a good color for Doodah,which was orange. Now after MUCH searching, the people have found a color for Sweet Pea. It is,drum roll please... Pink!!! Not hot pink,just pink,and with poke-a-dots. It think is is a perfect fit. She certainly likes it(she won't stop talking about it)!! Speaking of Sweet Pea,she s getting big(this picture doesn't show it that well),"Da Boy" thinks she could have her babies any day now. And so I give you a post about Sweet Pea!


  1. Sweet Pea does indeed look lovely in pink. Do you think twins?

  2. SweetPea looks fabulous in her new collar!

  3. yes. "Da Boy" thinks she will have twins.