Friday, December 11, 2009

Nibbles on the run!!

O.K. Remember yesterday when I said that Sissy was escaping,well she succeeded. It all started when "Da Boy" took her for a walk,
see he take us goats out for walks,so we can go visit the sheep and explore the cow pen,and it was Sissy's turn. I don't like to go on walks,I am quite content to stay in my pen and eat hay,but Sissy couldn't even stay still for hay.Here is "Da Boy" giving her some goat treats. She walked fine,she went to the sheep pen,to visit the cows,but then she decided she had walked far enough,and wanted to back to the goat pen and eat some hay,and didn't want to wait on "Da Boy". After playing "ring-around-the-chicken-yard" "Da Boy" finally caught her. So tomorrow it will be Doodahs turn to go out,and no goatie knows what might happen then!!!


  1. A goat does what a goat wants! Harumph!

  2. I think Nibbles is going to get the nick name "Naughty Goat" if she doesn't straighten up!