Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hay,lots of Hay!!!!

Well the other day,not THAT other day,we don't talk about that. ANYWAY...............Back to HAY!! O.K. "Da Boy" and his "Billy" went to get 30 bales of HAY!!!! It was like a early Christmas present.As you can see I am VERY happy.I am already warming up for when "Da Boy" gives it to me. Sweet Pea doesn't need any more hay. Her babies have made her so "not fat"(she gets mad when you say that),that "Da Boy" had to put her in my house because she couldn't fit in her door(I normally would be VERY upset,but I am a gentle buck and well let her have my house,on account of her being pregnant and all). And to end it a close up of me,in all my ''GOATIE AWESOMENESS''!! Tomorrow-The guineas will NOT STOP "SINGING"!!


  1. That must be some yummy gum-gum your a chewin' on Butter Bean!

  2. You are a cud chewin' master buddy! A master! You could teach a class.