Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goat-Fu-Fighting!!! part 1

Well it is cooling off in Texas this time of year(120* in the summer 38* in the winter), so we goats are happy. Happy? Happy you say. Well we Pygmy's and Nigerian dwarfs are desert goats,we grow a big thick coat in winter,so we can tolerate winter. Now on to the happy part,you see when winter comes around,"Da Boy",on top of giving us more hay,gives us more grain. So after eating our beloved grain, me and Mr.T decided to have a very bucky game of take the house. Here you see we are sizing each other up,then we lock horns!!! I butt him in his stomach. Here I almost have him off of the house. AHA!!!! At last He is off my hous-WAIT!!! What is this he comes around for round two!!! He tripped me!!! That is an illegal move!! Were's the reff!!!! Tomorrow,who will win control of the house? Will Mr.T continue to fight dirty? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!


  1. Oooh goat wars! Nothing like watching two goats go at it.
    Who will win?
    I love a house hanger....
    heh heh

  2. Waaahhh..shoo.shoop...those are kung foo sounds!You goaties are having a crazy good time!