Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's a Duck....

There's a duck.....There's a duck in a stump......There's a duck in a a stump laying a egg......There's a duck in a stump laying a egg in a hole in the bottom of the sea!!! Sorry,so sorry....... I lost a bet with Sissy...... But there IS a duck laying a egg in a stump,

but not at the bottom of the sea.. Now that Sissy has had her fun,I have something very important to say! I would like to thank Isobelle Golightly
I'm supposed to say 10 things about myself so..

1. I have a beard,I am proud of my beard.

2.I have a Sissy.

3.I LOVE my leaves!!!

4.I have a bachelor pad.

5.I think that THEM living in the house and not me is SO wrong!!!

6.These things give me the creeps!

7.I am in a alliance against chickens an guineas with the turkeys!!!

8.My other ride is "Ol Bessie".

9.I have those "weird cousins".

10. And last and most important,I HATE rain!!!
Oh,and I am Goatie awesome.

And I give this award to..


  1. Isn't that 11 things? Or can wethers not count.
    heh heh
    It's a lovely award and I have received it too but the publicist is very bad about awards.

  2. You look cute in your house Bean!!!!

  3. Well, you are a very interesting goatie!

  4. Great post filled with information about the goaties life, likes and dislikes.

  5. Love all the goatie pictures, the duck in the tree..guineas, chicks and Da Bean on the tractor.

    Stories with pictures is my fav'.