Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well today was WORMING DAY!!!!!!!!!Wormer tastes like when a duck gets over the fence and "gently uses my water".
Every body except Sissy hates it. She would eat everybody's if she could,and I'm inclined to let her. "Da Boy" couldn't get any pics of Sissy getting hers,she ate it to fast(she does that even when she is not pregnant).....
Doodah said she would not go quietly
(so she DID go loud though),it looks like she has rabies,
or is Santa,or rabid Santa,(she got the right dosage though). Mr.T got more on his beard then on him.

I tried to be a gentlebuck about the whole thing,but I still had to look away.
I am REALLY REALLY happy we don't have to do this often. I wish(kinda)that more had happened today,but a goat can only do so much(without a bribe that is).

Tomorrow Wordless Wednesday:WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!


  1. Well, you know the old saying...an ounce of goatie prevention is worth a pound of goatie cure! Just remember if you have to go to the vet for worms because you didn't take your meds at home....well she has to ...you remember..take a sample...from you know where and you know how!

  2. Hmmm, we don't get wormer we eat some blue stuff that the publicist breaks up for us.

    She will have to go look at the name of it.