Monday, March 15, 2010

I"m not gonna take it anymore!!(quote Sweet Pea").

Before yesterday this was the ranks of the herd(and yes this may or may not have been made by a goat with a crayon in it's teeth,didn't stay there for long though..........,it too "moved down the ranks") ,

Sweet Pea was on the bottom of the cart,below turkeys(chickens don't REALLY count,they are are as smart as a cockroach). Then she said that enough was enough,and took over the number three spot,with a butt here,
a butt there,
a butt every were,

till she had Sissy on the run,
(I can't really blame her). Now Sweet Pea is up the herd rank chart 9000.
Sissy is REALLY,REALLY big,

"Da Boy" thinks she might have them any time,even tonight.I hope she haas them soon.


  1. Sissy best watch out for those pesky paparazzi.
    I know about them.
    They do not take flattering photos.

    Good for Sweet Pea!

  2. A goatie has to do what a goatie has to do!

  3. I think Sweet Pea is taking advantage of Sissy in her large and cumbersome condition. That might be unfair, but it is the way of the goat.

  4. So funny how the lineup can change LOL!

  5. That's too funny! Your posts are "laugh out loud" funny!