Saturday, March 27, 2010


Knock-knock, whose there? Sissy's babies that's who!!! I am a Uncle!!! And not that creepy Uncle either,the cool Uncle who shows you how to hot wire the tractor!!! I am a DOUBLE Uncle. Sissy had twins!!! Everything went off without a hitch!! Here is baby number 1(no names yet). He is twice the size of his brother. He is brown and white,a mix of Mr.T's red and Sissy's black. Kinda looks like me huh?

This is baby number 2. He is solid WHITE!! How does a black goat and a red goat make a white goat? He had a little trouble eating,"Da Boy" had to help him a little.
He is much smaller,but just as spunky.
I think Sissy is a little tired,she sees him as a giant butter cracker!!!
Here is Sissy cleaning him. They are all asleep right now,I will get more pics when they get up,Sissy earned a nap!!!


  1. Well aren't they the cutest little bucks!

  2. so glad that they have arrived safely.
    they are real cute, know you are quite proud of them. Just think of all the things that you get to show and teach them. Have you thought of names yet?

  3. gang, you're lucky. Real cute boys. I keep waiting for Clara to deliver.

  4. So very cool,Uncle Bu'er Bean!

  5. Congratulations to Sissy and to Uncle Bean! They are really cute little boys!!!

  6. Very nice boys!! And I bet it's a relief to see them born alive and healthy. We always hold our breath when they are in transition.

  7. Now that is one super attentive Momma! I loved the video and her talking to him and cleaning him up. Oh I just love a Good Momma, it simply is a miracle to watch it unfold!! What sweet babies!! Congradulations!!