Thursday, April 1, 2010



Well Sissy's babies are doing fine. Sissy(with mine and the people's help) has finally named her babies,and they are ,drum roll please.... Tube Sock Joe,T.S.J. and Little Hoss,L.H. They both have been frisky little things,Little Hoss has even been eating some hay!!!

                                Which is good,because all they do is eat,just look at how tired Sissy is!   

                                                   Infact she locked herself in a crate,

But even that didn't work,because Tube Sock Joe claimed it as his.

Tomorrow "Da Boy" said that he would stake Sissy out for a little bit,so she could graze.


  1. Tubesock is my favorite name. I envy your childhood.

  2. Kids wear out their nannies no matter the species....