Friday, April 2, 2010

Kid day care

Well Sissy got staked out like she wanted. Her babies were fine at first,but then they started getting into mischief so "Da Boy" had to have "Kid day care". First they climbed all over him,

then they untied his shoe.

Then they BIT HIM!!!!

That definitely runs on his mama's side of the family.

I really can't blame Sissy for wanting the day off,I was wore out just watching them trough the fence!! Speaking of babies Doodah is due in a week orr two............


  1. Well kids will be kids. They love to climb and....nibble ;)

  2. The kids are a handful. They are awfully cute.

    I'm sure Sissy loved having a rest.

    Looking forward to Butter Bean Days.


  3. Excellent pictures here! Did you take them? You sure do have a way with these rambunctious critters. Happy to see your blog, I want to follow you to see what happens, ok?! Peace

  4. Hello,

    Understand you are having blogger problems. Here's hoping they are fixed soon! :))