Thursday, February 11, 2010

All turkied up!!

Well it has RAINED and RAINED and RAINED!!!  So now the goat pen is completely flooded with water and mud,and generally all things anti-goatie. Well now that we sink up to our tails in mud,the people thought we should go in the nice and dry turkey pen.  Poor Mr.Murry had to go out with us. He says he is not a goat,he is people!!  Sissy is giving him the "goat eye".
Here he is by the big oak tree. He is turning around and telling "Da Boy" what he thinks of it all!!

Here I am on the wood pile.

Here is Sweet Pea sneaking some scratching(from Grandnana,"Da Boy" does NOT WEAR PURPLE SWEATERS!!!!!!!).
And here are the animals that actually belong in the pen( Doodah is goat dancing)!!


  1. Sissy is definately giving Murry "the furry eyeball". Hee hee
    Hmmm - I see some delicious green grass on the OTHER side of that fence. You guys need to stage a breakout from Alcatraz....not that I would EVER do anything like that myself...ahem.....

  2. Poor Murry ,he is having an identity crisis!

  3. love the turkey...Ihave a young poult stag just like him!!!