Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interview with Murry-Von-Furry-Pants.

Today I'm going to interview Murry-Von-Furry-Pants.

Question number one.
Why do the people call you Murry-Von-Furry-Pants?

Well I don't know why they call me Murry,or Von,for that matter. But I am furry and I do kinda have on HALVE a pair of pants,so I could get used to be called that.

Question number two.

Do you have any other clothing besides you "furry pants"?

Yes in fact I do.
Grandnana made me a sweater out of a sock. It looks nice on me if I do say so.

Question number three.

How do you like living inside?

Well I like it fine,I have my own personal heater.

Yes I had one too. Have you explored the whole house?

No I stay by my heater and the "Boy Person".

So you haven't learned to open cabinet doors?

You can do that?

Yes you can--well at the urging of "Da Boy" this interview is coming to a close. See you next time!!


  1. Aw! Murry you are very, very cute! Tell Da Boy to box you up and send you my way! My Mom Narcissa has furry pants so you'd fit right in!

  2. Great interview! He's a natural born star! I can't wait to hear when he figures out how to open cupboard doors! Haha!

  3. All right Butter Bean,no helping Murry get into mischief! I have a feeling he will get into enough trouble on his own thank you!

  4. You are one lucky little kid. That's for sure. Cute too!